Hi, I’m Ed.

That’s not my real name. I just realized that the initials for Emo Dad are Ed, so I went with it. The same goes for Erectile Disfunction, but I don’t suffer from that, yet.

You see, I started this blog because I need an outlet for my feelings, passions, hobbies and interests. For years, I believed social media was the outlet for these things, but I’m trying to escape that forum now and do something that’s more true-to-life.

I operate this blog as an intentionally anonymous dad who loves all things emo. I’m also into photography, of which you’ll see quite a bit of around here eventually.

This is my safe space where I talk shit about being a dad, music I love, books I’m reading, and the stuff I’m into without worrying about friends, family or coworkers on social media judging me for any of it. 

Welcome to my clubhouse.